About Us


The Brand


Inspired by the timelessness of the effortlessly sexy and sophisticated slip dress, we have designed a collection that updates the classic silhouette with flattering and thoughtful details. Each piece can be styled an infinite number of ways and is versatile enough to wear to any occasion, all year round. 


All pieces are hand sewn in Singapore and available for custom order.  


The Production


On-Demand is a method of manufacturing in which pieces are only produced when they are ordered. Most fashion companies produce large quantities of inventory in order to cut down on per-piece production costs and unsold merchandise ultimately ends up in landfills. 


When you place an order with Unlined, your purchase is made JUST for you. This allows us to customize the color and fabrication of any design while also minimizing waste and damage to the environment. All of our designs are made in Singapore from the highest quality, sustainable fabrics. 


The Founder


Martha Waslen is an American designer from New York currently living in Singapore. As Founder and Creative Director of Unlined, Martha hopes to provide women with the simple, sophisticated, effortless wardrobe she herself has always dreamed of but has had a hard time curating with what existed in the market. 


"As a frequent traveler, I wanted to design pieces inspired by my love of travel that are not only beautiful, flattering and high quality, but comfortable and versatile as well."


"I truly hope that other women will find the sexy, carefree simplicity they're looking for in Unlined's debut collection."